Kesän paras aamiainen – The Best Breakfast of Summer

Mistä on kesän paras aamiainen tehty? Itse juuri poimituista metsämansikoista, maustamattomasta soijajogurtista ja vegaaneista karjalanpiirakoista 🙂 Siitä on kesän paras aamiainen tehty. Nam.

What is the best breakfast of summer made of? Wild (wood) strawberries that you just picked yourself, natural soy yoghurt and vegan Karelian pasties 🙂 That’s what the best breakfast of summer is made of. Yammy.

Lapset söivät mansikkansa kauramaidon kanssa.
The kids had their strawberries with oat milk.

Yksinkertaista, mutta niin hyvää 🙂

Simple, but so good 🙂


4 comments on “Kesän paras aamiainen – The Best Breakfast of Summer

  1. Do you make the vegan Karelian pasties or can they be found in shops?

    • Hi Natalia!
      Thanks for your message. In Finland I didn’t make the pasties myself, as you can find them there also ready-made (frozen, you need to bake them) and they were really tasty. I’ve been thinking of making them myself though, as here in Germany they are nowhere to be found… So a recipe will follow 🙂

      • Great, I am in Finland now for a week, are they relatively easy to find? Vegan ones I mean, I know the others are everywhere. You know which brand or something? My Finnish is almost non existent so hard to read lists of ingredients here 🙂
        They told me they are not too easy to make, I think because the pastri is so thin?
        I’ll look for them anyway. Thanks

      • They are relatively easy to find, at least pretty much every S-Market, Prisma, K-Supermarket and Citymarket have them where they have also other frozen pasties. They are called “Myllärin Luomu Riisipiirakka” and it’s a green bag with a “baker” and some pasties on it. It costs around 3,50 euros and there are 6 pasties inside. And it says somewhere on the bag “vegaanituote” (which means “vegan product” in Finnish), but it’s quite small print 😉 Hope you’ll find them and get to taste them. Oh, in addition to rice (which is traditionally used in the pasties) the vegan Karelian pasties have some barley too. But that’s actually very tasty.

        Karelian pasties are not the easiest things to do, but not the most difficult ones either. It just takes some time to make them, as you first need to do the rice porridge and then make the pasties. But it’s worth it!

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